cScope Tracing Rod Product Code: CSCOPE50


The CScope Tracing Rod is an economical solution to the problem of tracing the route of plastic pipes and conduits. The tracing rod costs little and saves the contractor valuable time when the route of a plastic pipe needs to be determined quickly. The unique design is more resistant to kinks, less prone to breakage and yet smaller in diameter than any other rod of this type. Working in conjunction with the signal generator, the rod is inserted into the pipe and a traceable signal is sent either along the full length of the rod or only the tip. The transmitted signal may be easily traced using a CScope cable avoidance tool.


                • Line tracing mode to allow the exact route of a pipe to be plotted.

                • End tracing mode to enable blockages or tees to be pinpointed.

                • Compact, lightweight and robust.

                • Small diameter tracer rod to allow use within the smallest of service pipes.

                • Flexible tracer rod allows progress around and beyond tight bends.

                • Simple to operate.

                • Suitable for use on live services under pressure.