Valve Key & Bar - 42" - C.Steel-(silver colour) Product Code: 11720


Valve Key & Bar - 42" - C.Steel

The Standard hydrant valve key and bar manufactured from Zinc plated 1”tubular Carbon Steel bar, with a wall thickness of 4.5mm is designed to operate hydrant valves fitted with a standard valve top 1 3/8” (approx. 35mm) square.
The overall length of the valve key is approx. 42” and comes supplied with an integral 16mm dia. Tommy bar to operate the valve key. The bar measures approx. 24” in length and features a chisel point end. The tommy bar incorporates a safety stop at one end to prevent the bar slipping out of the hole of the valve key when in use, thus significantly reducing the risk of injury to the operator.
After use the bar can simply be inserted into the body of the valve key when not in use for ease of carrying.

The Carbon Steel Valve Key and Bar can be supplied in the following lengths:
42” (Part No 11720) as illustrated
48” (Part No 11725B)