B.Box 3/4" S.Pipe/P.Point/HUBT/PLASTIC BASE Product Code: ZZZ20


The ¾” galvanized steel boundary box standpipe is designed to connect directly to the boundary box outlet.
The Standpipe is supplied with a ¾” Hose Union Bib Tap and a Quick-fit connection ready to accept a pressure gauge when fitted with the corresponding male connector. 

The Standpipe is fitted with a plastic base to help reduce the risk of damaging the boundary box outlet. Damage can often be attributed to cross threading of the boundary box outlet when attempting to screw in the more commonly used gunmetal type base. The plastic base significantly reduces this risk.
In addition to being fitted with a plastic base the standpipe is also fitted with a non-slip sleeve to further reduce the risk of damaging the boundary box outlet through over-tightening. Over-tightening can be a problem on standpipes supplied with handles.
The Non-Slip sleeve has a durable decorative diamond surface finish which provides increased friction and anti-slip properties.

These standpipes can be supplied in virtually any combination to suit your requirements, whether you require a double hose union bib tap outlet or single outlet, ball valve, flow monitor etc. Please note that these standpipes can also be supplied fitted with the more conventional handle design to suit user preferences.