C-Scope Product Code: C-SCOPE MD880


Designed specifically for the extracting requirements of the water industry and groundworking contractor, the CS880 metal cover locator provides a cost effective solution to the problem of lost or hidden metal in the ground. The typical use of this metal detector is to find manhole covers and stopcock boxes that are buried under tarmac or earth, steel reinforcement rods in concrete road surfaces, metal pipes, valve heads and buried fuel tanks.

With C-Scope's Induction Balance operating system, maximum sensitivity is given to solid metal objects and smaller metal clutter are ignored, reducing the false signals that can be an issue with other products. The buried cover locator also includes a 'target-hold' feature so that located objects can be traced by their size and shape, meaning less time is wasted on the wrong target.


Detection range:

Stopcock 25 cm

Valve cover 50 cm

Cable Pit cover 90 cm

Manhole cover 90 cm

Dimensions: Search Head diameter 20 cm

Overall length 107 cm - 140 cm

Length from hand grip to Search Face 80cm - 114 cm

Batteries: 8 x AA, LR6 Alkaline

Battery Life: Greater than 100 hours (typical)

Search Head IP Rating: 67