De-Luxe Inspector's Test Kit Product Code: TK550


This Kit enables you to take the static pressure at the consumer's tap and at the hydrant standpipe. The dual rated flow cup indicator enables you to take the flow at the household tap. A range of plastic tap adaptors enable the gauge to be attached to most domestic taps.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Carry Case with inlay
  • Dual scale flow cup indicator 2-25ltrs/1-5 gallons.
  • 63mm pressure gauge in either 0-70mhd, 0-100mhd or 0-140mhd, fitted to a bleed valve assembly
  • Hydrant blanking cap fitted with an RS135 male probe
  • Coil hose complete with male and female connections
  • 8" pocket stethoscope for leak detection
  • A selection of tap adaptors

Supplied with 0-140mhd gauge as standard; please state when ordering pressure range required.