Digital Gun Metal Static Assembly Product Code: 14009C


Digital Gunmetal Static Assembly

The male instantaneous plug is fitted with a 0 – 30 Bar digital pressure gauge and vent cock.

The device is used to take static pressure readings at the hydrant standpipe outlet. It has the facility of a built-in vent cock to allow the user to vent off the pressure within the line once the supply has been isolated. This allows safe removal of the assembly without damage to the operator or the gauge.

This assembly is also available with a Chrome plated base (Part No. 14009D)

The Gauge details are as follows:

(0 – 30 Bar)

Accuracy 1%

The 63mm (2 ½”) diameter digital pressure gauge provides the following units of measure:

Bar, PSI, MPa, KPa, Kgf/cm2  

The simplicity of the gauge means that the user can easily navigate between units by simply pressing the ‘unit’ button until the desired unit of measure is reached. The right hand button allows the user to zero the scale. Holding down the ‘unit’ button switches the unit On or Off

The gauge has the added advantage of a stainless steel constructed body and the battery compartment is easily accessed from the rear of the gauge. 

The gauge uses 2 x AAA batteries, supplied.