Digital Pressure Gauge Product Code: 14009


The Keller LEO1 digital pressure gauge offers an accurate and convenient replacement to standard analog pressure gauges. Available in five standard ranges, these test gauges can display a variety of pressure units including bar, mbar, kg/cm2, psi, and MPa.

A compact instrument, the LEO1 digital pressure gauge is ideally suited as a Master Test Gauge for operation with our Pneumatic or Hydraulic Pressure Pumps, enabling simplified and efficient calibration.

The measuring element of the pressure gauge is a fully isolated piezo-resistive pressure transducer chosen for its stability, high accuracy, and reliability. The Keller LEO1 digital pressure gauge is well suited for both static and dynamic applications and is capable of capturing transient pressure pulses with durations of only microseconds.

The Keller LEO 2 is also available as a standard or intrinsically safe version, 94/9/CE. Classification: EX II 1 G EEx ia IIC T6 or T5. The EEx ia version of LEO 1 Digital Pressure Gauge incorporates an additional protection switch. Functions, ranges and accuracy are identical to the standard version.