Digital Sound Detector FSB-8D Product Code: 10012


The FSB – 8D is a very sensitive noise detector. At its heart is a state of the artaccelerometer which converts pressure waves into audible digital quality sound. The amplification achievable is astounding, making leakage detection and identification that much more certain.

This instrument is so sensitive it is easily capable of detecting mains and property service leaks on either side of a road or street from any suitable metallic connection located on one side of the street. This enables the operator to develop a much clearer understanding of the integrity of the underground assets in the surrounding area being assessed.

We believe this instrument would easily pay for itself as a result of the increased excavation accuracy achievable when opening up identified leaks. Very often the site where water can be seen breaking the surface is not where the main is actually leaking. The FSB – 8D can very often pinpoint, at ground level, the actual spot directly above the main to excavate and hence save on excavation, reinstatement costs and time.