Digital Standpipe Product Code: DIGITALS.PIPE(3)


The digital standpipe has been designed to substitute the conventional standpipe to provide the means to measure the flow direct from the hydrant. The digital standpipe can be used for various applications, which can satisfy a number of sector requirements. For example Fire Brigades, Water Companies, Associated Fire Protection Services in assessing flow and pressure readings of hydrant outlets, investigating ageing conditions and incidents of overloading of water distribution systems. It can also help assist in determining leaks.


Flow Tube

  • 2 ½’’ hydrant standpipe manufactured from aluminium alloy.
  • Paddlewheel assembly manufactured from stainless steel.
  • The base of the flow tube is fitted with a London Round Thread (LRT) base to provide connection to the hydrant.
  • Supplied with a safety guard.

Digital display

  • Displays the actual total and flow rate simultaneously.
  • Large digit selection for flow rate.
  • The accumulated total can register up to 11 digits and is backed-up in EEPROM memory every minute, just as the running total.
  • Intrinsically safe digital displays for hazardous applications are also an option for this model of digital standpipe.
  • Digital display is powered by a lithium battery, which provides
  • 2-5 years of life.
  • Accuracy ± 1% F.S.D.
  • Flow range is 70-1800 L.P.M.