Flowmaster 250 DL Hydrant Flow & Pressure Product Code: FLOWMASTER250DL


The Flowmaster 250DL measures the flow rate and the pressure at every water drawing off point and produces

verifiable reports

It’s integrated data logger stores up to 360 hours of measurements that can be downloaded to a computer.

Predefined reports and graphs can be printed.


✓ Testing

• Hydrants

• Pumps

• Dry risers

• Branches and hoses

✓ Flushing


• Easy to use

• Reports

• Robust - no moving parts

• Portable, rechargeable and connectable anywhere

Manage and document measured values in an easy to use manner thanks to FMS software and interface

Use the USB cable to read out the data of the Flowmaster in next to no time. The included software will help you create descriptive graphics and reports from the numbers. When issuing, you can choose between printing out or transferring your report as bitmap file to Word or Excel

Technical data Flowmaster DIGITAL

(EN ISO 12100-1, EN ISO 12100-2, EN 60204)

Electric power supply: Installed rechargeable battery, 12 V DC,

2.2 Ah, separate charger included with delivery

Working temperature: -10 to +50°C

Connections: B.S. Instantaneous couplings

Dimensions: 210 mm height, 240 mm width, 390 mm depth

Weight: 12.5 kg Housing: Aluminium

Colour: Red, RAL 3000 / aluminium

Flow meter:

Type: Electromagnetic induction Operating range: 30-3000 L/min

Accuracy: 30 to 750 L/min ± 15 L/min, >750 L/min ±2%

Standard functions: Display of current flow rate, display of total amount

LCD display: 4-digit, character size 18 mm, bar display,

background illumination

Electronic pressure sensor

Operating pressure: 0 - 16 bar ±1%, maximum pressure: 25 bar

LED display: 3-digit, character size 15 mm