FUJI Tecom HG10All Ground Microphone Product Code: 11823




This FUJI HG-10A11 is a high performance acoustic leak detector; which has built up a solid reputation due to the useful hand switch and lightweight sensor. It allows accurate pinpointing of the actual leak. This ground microphone is designed for both the beginner and professional, it is a mid range instrument but with some top of the line features.



  • Ground Microphone (pick-up) equipped with the characteristic ball to break wind noise.
  • Lightweight hand-set of only 500g including the pick-up minimises fatigue during the leak detection work.
  • large meter deflects sensitivity and indicates clearly the intensity of the leak sound.
  • Ergonomic keys and knob arranged on the panel have been designed for the work with a one haned operation.
  • Solid state component without leads is designed to minimize malfunction during long term use.