Gully Grab - 4" - 1.5 M Long Product Code: 11878J


4” Gully Grab - round bowl type x 1 metre length (approx.)

Used for the removal of mud, silt, leaves, stones, solid objects from manholes, gullies, septic tanks etc. 
The bowl/scoop can be opened and closed using tee handle at the top of the central shaft.

Actual Dimensions

Length (excluding T handle)               1505mm (approx.. 591/4”) excluding T handle
Overall length                                     1660mm (approx.. 651/4”)
Bowl dimensions                                3 ¾” inside diameter

The Gully Grab illustrated (Part No. 11878J) has an overall length of 1150mm approx..

The same Gully Grab is available as

1 metre length (Part No. 11878)