Hydrolux HL7000 Pro Set (with Gas Sensor) Product Code: VM10006G


Hydrolux HL 7000 with Gas Trace

Hear and see leaks

In the event of a damaged pipe, the escaping water causes two kinds of noise, which spread in different ways. The Hydrolux HL 7000 makes these two noises visible and audible for you:


1. The water that is escaping directly at the leak location generates noise which is transmitted through the ground to the surface. With the aid of the ground microphone, the Hydrolux picks up the noise and graphically displays the volume and the frequency spectrum.

2. Inside the pipe, the escaping water generates a pressure wave. You can hear this pressure wave as leakage noise with the Hydrolux and an attached sensor rod microphone, even at remote contact points of the pipe (valves, hydrants, house connections etc.).

The main constituent of these applications is an intuitive operating unit. All of the relevant menu items and measured data are clearly displayed on its high-resolution 4.3" touch colour display. The menu navigation is a breeze. Extremely light (600 grammes) but robust, the operating unit can be used in different ways: carried on the strap, fixed in place on the sensor rod or simply attached to trousers or a belt using a clip. You can wear the device however you like or in accordance with the situation, for fatigue-free working.

The HL 7000 ground noise system provides you with a wide range of options for locating leaks thanks to the variable design and the automatic 360° sensor recording. Work assignments lasting more than 10 hours are no problem thanks to the powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

The Bluetooth® capable, wind-protected piezoelectric ground microphone with integrated pre-amplification clearly picks up extremely low leakage frequencies on soft materials such as PVC or PE, and also high frequencies on steel or cast iron pipes.

Special features:

  • Completely wireless thanks to Bluetooth®
  • Intuitive operation with clear touch colour display
  • Always ready to use due to powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Environmental/extraneous noise reduction
  • Frequency analysis
  • Optional: Connection of a tracer gas sensor