Hydrolux HL5000 H2 Pro Set (with gas sensor) Product Code: VM10006C


HL5000 H2

The Seba KMT HL5000 H2 is designed to detect water leaks with a ground microphone, and with the use of tracer gas. 

To find a leak, the pipe to be investigated is filled with tracer gas (forming gas - 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen) through a hydrant or house connection. This escapes from the leak and is precisely located at the surface. Owing to its low specific density and molecular structure, tracer gas has the particular characteristic of quickly penetrating all materials (concrete, tiles, tarmac etc.) and rising vertically, where it can then be detected using the HL 5000 H2. 

  • Unique combination of ground mic and tracer gas detector
  • High location precision due to visualisation of up to 9 measuring points
  • Logger function for sound and gas concentration
  • Included in set: Control Unit, Ground Mic, H2 Sensor
  • Increased reliability due to comprehensive frequency
  • Operating time 35 hours approx (Tracer gas operation > 8 hours)