Hydrant S.Pipe - D/O - 2" DCV (Plug-in Head type) Product Code: 11707A


Used to obtain water from a pressurised mains supply via underground hydrants. The standard outlet for underground valve hydrants according to BS750 is 2 ½˝ BSRT (LRT) male, although hydrants are still in use with other non-standard outlet connections. Vernon Morris are able to supply hydrant  standpipes with a range of non-standard base connections in all combinations, whether it be single or double outlet or whether you require 2” or 2 ½” DCV.

Double Outlet 2” Double Check Valve (DCV) (Plug-in Head type)

  • High quality hydrant standpipe manufactured from aluminium alloy
  • Double Pull - Plug-in Head type
  • Supplied with a standard  2 ½” female BSRT (LRT) inlet and twist release female instantaneous outlet
  • Features a 2” Double Check Valve (DCV) to prevent water supply contamination