Listening Stick 4ft (Thames pattern) 55mm Dia. Nylon Head Product Code: 11818D


Nylon Head Listening Stick (Thames Pattern)

The Nylon Head listening stick is considered by many to give superior sound amplification compared to other types of listening stick, enabling the identification of possible leaks in the water distribution network.

The nylon head has a diameter of 55mm to provide a better fit against the ear.


  • Detachable nylon head which is screwed onto the shaft and secured by means of a lock-nut.
  • 4ft Stainless Steel shaft. (10mm Dia.)

The Listening Stick illustrated (Part No. 11818D) is a 4ft type.

The same Listening Stick is available as

5ft Length (Part No. 11818E)

Other lengths are available upon request