Listening Stick 5ft Diaphragm Angled Head Product Code: 13593


The Diaphragm Listening Stick incorporates a sound enhancing chamber for improved sound resonance, complete with larger ear piece and protective rubber cover.

The Listening stick is available in 4ft and 5ft lengths with straight or angled head

Both types are available as single or two piece shaft construction


  • Detachable diaphragm head which is screwed onto the shaft and secured by means of a lock-nut.
  • Stainless Steel shaft. (10mm Dia.)
  • Angled Head

The Diaphragm Listening Stick illustrated (Part No. 13593) is a 5ft angled head type.

The same Angled Head Listening Stick is available as

4ft Length (Part No. 13600)

Other lengths are avaliable upon request