Universal Meter Removal Kit (A) Product Code: Z9047A


The New Universal Meter Box Tool Kit is the latest introduction into our ever expanding range of kits assembled to assist in the everyday work in the water industry. The kit comprises all the required tools to install and remove most types of water meter.

Each kit comprises of a stop tap key, a spring loaded crutch key, a strap wrench and various combination of keys to fit most types of water meter used in the water industry.

The kit is based upon the use of ½” square drive sockets and comes complete with a 1 metre long ½” square drive ‘T’ key. All the tools are packed in a sturdy carry case with a foam lining to locate the individual items.

The above kit can be adapted to suit the specific needs of individual customers.

METER KEYS available to fit: - Wateau, Sappel Actaris, Schlumberger, Old Kent and New Kent. Any combination can be supplied in the kit.