Whale Submersible Pump


The Whale Orca electric pump is a compact, powerful, high performance bilge pump, suitable for flooded meter chambers and pits.  The housing is manufactured of robust fuel-resistant ABS plastic that is easily removed from the large filter base for easy cleaning and maintenance.  The large filter base provides maximum exposure of the bilge for good suction capability. The low current consumption of the efficient electric motor aids in extending battery life.  Meets ISO 8849 marine standards.

Model:                                                 500                                         1300

Part No:                                             Whale 500                           Whale 1300

Voltage: 1                                            2v DC                                     12v DC

Recommended Fuse Size:                    2 Amp                                   7 Amp

Weight:                                                0.28kg                                   0.82kg

Hose Connections:                              19mm (3/4”)                      29.5mm (1 1/8”)


                Pump Body:                           ABS                                       ABS

                Seals:                                    Nitrile                                    Nitrile

                Impeller:                                Acetal                                   Acetal

Wire Size:                                      16 SWG x 1m (3ft)            16 SWG x 1m (3ft)

Performance Data                           500                                       1300

Open Flow Rate @13.6V DC            32L/min                                82L/min

Flow Rate @1m-head                      26L/min                                65L/min

Current Draw                                  1.5 Amp                                5 Amp

Maximum Discharge Head                3m                                      4.5m                                                    


                • Meets ISO 8849 marine standards

                • Low amp draw means long battery life.

                • Access to motor cartridge and filter area for ease of maintenance

                • Compact design

                • Robust ABS fuel-resistant housing