Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge (Ring) Product Code: ZZ905C


Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge (Ring)

The gauge shows your tyre pressure on an easy-to-read, backlit digital screen, and can display readings in either PSI, kPA, BAR or kg/cm2

The 360° rotating nozzle makes it easy to attach to the tyre valve at any angle, making taking pressure readings easier. Comes with a case for tidy storage.

  • Unique 360° rotating nozzle to locate tyre valve
  • Measures in PSI, BAR, kPA, kg/cm2
  • Range 0-99 PSI/0-7 BAR
  • Complete with handy storage case

Product dimensions:

Height:            141mm

Width:             41mm

Depth:             28mm


Weight:           0.09kg