VM Modular DOS Dosing Unit Product Code: DOSATRONUNIT



Hydraulically driven by the water it is dosing, these units offer an easy

one-man installation and operation. Needing neither electricity nor

electronics, they feature exceptionally low maintenance costs and high

reliability. Being flow proportional, dosing remains constant irrespective of

variations in pressure or flow.

The versatility of this portable unit enables it to be used with most

chemicals used within the water industry.

Modular DOS

• Chlorinates up to 3000 lph @30 -300 ppm when using 14 % concentrate.

• Chlorinates up to 5000 lph, by opening the by-pass providing a ppm of 30 -300 at the pump or 15 – 150 at full dosing range.

• Dimensions 800 x 600 x 300mm.

• Supplied with instantaneous hose connections.

• Lockable, sealed and secure casing.

• Supplied with 5ltr Chloros carrier as standard.