Lifting Keys - 24" Ernie (single hand style) Product Code: 10149


The ‘Ernie’ Safety Lifter is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s water industry.

Manufactured from mild steel

Full handle design supplied as a 24” length. (Illustrated)

A double handle version of the 24" key can be supplied allowing a two hand lift (Part No. 10152)

In addition to the 24" variants an 18" single hand style can be supplied (Part No. 10151)

The unique locking mechanism is designed to reduce the risk of the key slipping out of the cover plate during operation. This is achieved by simply aligning the prongs of the spring loaded collar with the rectangular lifting end and inserting the prongs of the sliding collar into the slots of the cover plate. Then by twisting the key through 900 the spring loaded mechanism will activate thus locking the key into the lifting slot of the cover plate